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Dear valued audience,

I stand before you today as the CEO of Ondek Healthcare, reaching out to you with utmost enthusiasm and a genuine desire to delve into the depths of your organization’s staffing requirements. Our objective is to unearth opportunities for both immediate and enduring partnerships. But let me assure you, we are far from being just another ordinary supplemental staffing agency.

At Ondek Healthcare, we offer a comprehensive array of services that extend beyond the ordinary. Our commitment to excellence is manifested through our quality assurance goal setting, meticulously tailored to your unique needs. We take pride in our adept staff members, well-versed in the intricacies of your systems, ensuring seamless integration within your organization. Moreover, our onboarding process is customized to your specific requirements, alleviating the burden of valuable time constraints.

We understand the pressing challenges faced by organizations, particularly the need to remain within stringent staffing budgets. Therefore, we take great pleasure in partnering with our clients to devise strategic plans that not only meet their staffing needs but also empower them to stay within their financial boundaries.

It is with great anticipation that I invite you to embark on a journey of possibilities with Ondek Healthcare. Let us join forces to unlock new horizons and transform the way your organization thrives. I eagerly await the opportunity to explore how our synergistic collaboration can shape a brighter future for us all.

With profound respect,
Linda Beard
CEO, Ondek Healthcare
Come Ondek!

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Ondek Healthcare is a team of nurses that love networking with healthcare professionals. We provide Search, Staffing, Vetting, Placement & Payroll services for healthcare partners and patient communities throughout the United States.


We are Ondek Healthcare Medical Placement Firm

Balancing quality care with a healthy bottom line is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare facilities. Ondek Healthcare is a medical personnel agency that provides comprehensive services for hospitals, doctor’s offices, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, and home care agencies.

Come on Ondek– and we can help you hire faster for less cost. Ondek’s approach to placement prioritizes excellent working relationships between healthcare personnel and healthcare facilities, helping to avoid burnout and high turnover rates. Ultimately, our strategy helps save healthcare facilities money while providing high-quality care for patients.

Medical Staffing the Right Way for Better ROI

Many healthcare facilities are struggling to source qualified healthcare professionals

The Staffing Dilemma in Healthcare Facilities

The present shortage in the healthcare workforce and the ineffective strategies employed by recruitment and staffing agencies can incur more costs in running your organization, extending the negative impact on the patient’s access to quality care. The present shortage in medical staffing points to the fact that finding the right medical staff takes more time and unnecessary money.

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