When you look at the data for Texas, there is a labor shortage for almost all types of healthcare providers predicted for 2030. The Lone Star State is home to approximately 28,995,881 people as of July 2019. There are indicators of increased demand for many professionals ranging from primary care physicians to CNAs. We picked the results of recent reports from the Texas State Health Service to create a snapshot of the market:

  • For the period 2017-2030, the demand will result in a shortage of 3,375 primary care physicians and 1,208 psychiatrists.
  • Also for this period, there will be a shortage of 4,711 licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) and 936 certified nurse-midwives (NMs).
  • The greatest demand for nurses and LVNs will be in the home health care, residential care, and nursing care settings.
  • The overall demand for doctors is expected to become a deficit of 14 percent by 2030, and the second greatest shortage will be among those practicing obstetrics and gynecology.

How the Demand Places Pressure on the Market

If there is a demand across every category of medical practitioners — all nurses and doctors except pediatricians — then healthcare organizations, including outpatient clinics and inpatient facilities, must become more creative about staffing. While larger organizations may have their own in-house recruiters to perform the talent acquisition function, other organizations rely on a practice manager or facility manager for recruiting, but these professionals may not be steeped in the latest HR trends. When you partner with a healthcare staffing agency (HSA), you will work with a team of full-time recruiters who study the market, know where to post jobs to attract diverse candidates, and review applications and interview candidates before recommending them to your organization.

This recruitment process ensures that an HSA like Ondek will provide the highest caliber of healthcare workers while saving time and money for the hiring manager. We offer recruitment activities for different types of healthcare workers, including certified nurse assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists. Our process will keep your organization staffed closer to present demand, so your management team can focus on the level of care each patient receives.

Why There is a Labor Shortage

It’s important to understand there are multiple factors affecting the shortage of healthcare workers. Some problems with the capacity of our system were evident during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, such as a lack of ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE), and other problems we have known about for years.

  • Healthcare workers such as nurses go to college for their specialty, but they eventually leave the profession. One negative example that discourages people from becoming nurses is the level of workplace violence.
  • The nation’s largest generation ever – the Baby Boomers – have entered retirement, and some already require long-term care in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.
  • There are tough working conditions in many healthcare settings, such as the increasing caseload of patients expected of a single nurse or provider. High caseloads lead to stress, burnout, and medical mistakes.
  • It is expensive to practice medicine because doctors must pay high malpractice premiums and constantly worry about lawsuits impacting their ability to work in their careers.
  • Technology trends and federal/state regulations affecting healthcare jobs are rapidly changing over time.

What Your Organization Can Do to Meet Healthcare Needs

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As a healthcare facility or practice manager, you have many competing demands on your time. We understand that you may want to focus on hiring, but that is just one of many administrative tasks that fall to managers each day. If you want to retain talent, let an HSA focus on recruiting and onboarding workers, and you can focus on creating and maintaining the workplace culture that will reduce attrition. We focus on finding the right fit for each position so that your placements succeed over time and provide the level of support that your facility needs.

For example, you can focus on maintaining compensation and benefits at desirable levels, training, team-building, and other efforts to improve the staff culture, and conduct employee satisfaction surveys. When you hire employees through an agency, you still monitor their performance over time and address their job concerns or personal challenges so they will stay on and be happy and productive. These are multiple needs that you can address, but you are torn in so many directions.

Assess Your Hiring Needs Today

If your healthcare facility, agency, or practice is not able to attract nursing staff to fully service patients, you might need to outsource the recruitment function. This includes looking at your schedule, calculating the number of nurses who are full-time equivalents (FTE) on the current staff, and assessing how many hours on average they work to cover all shifts. You may find your hiring needs are only on a certain shift, such as nights and weekends. You may also find your full-time nurses are working 50 to 60 hours a week on average, which would accelerate their burnout rate due to being overworked.

While nurses obviously benefit from overtime pay, they also need a work-life balance to continue in their demanding profession. Therefore, you should hire enough nurses to ensure all FTE nurses are working an acceptable amount of hours while considering they may work overtime during peak demand periods, Also, nurses need coverage for their paid time off (including sick time and vacation hours). To keep your staffing ratios, you can augment full-time workers with part-time and per-diem workers. These workers can pick up more shifts as regular nursing staff levels shift over time.

We Can Help

Ondek is a full-service healthcare staffing agency that recruits all types of nurses and nursing assistants. We help all sizes of organizations to meet their staffing needs while they focus on patients and other stakeholders and maintaining legal compliance and quality. You can provide more reliable services and focus on patient care when your facilities are staffed at or near present needs. With a staffing agency, you can also add more employees quickly as business conditions change throughout the year.