Ondek places the most qualified candidates to meet your staffing needs. We ensure the highest level of reliability by taking the following measures:

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Ondek’s rigorous background check service verifies identity and screens criminal, education, and employment history.

Ondek’s Employment Authorization check gives you peace of mind as an employer in knowing that our team members have legal clearance to work in the United States.

 Ondek’s License/Certificate Verification system ensures that all candidate Licenses & Certificates are up-to-date and active.

Ondek has partnered with third parties such as Confirm Biosciences to administer standard drug screening for clients upon request.

Ondek requires our health professionals to perform functional competence and aptitude testing as a standard part of our screening process.

Ondek requires reference information from all candidates. Positive pre-emptive reference calls are a requisite for being considered for employment through Ondek.

Ondek’s mandate is to meet all candidates in our offices prior to their being considered for placement. This policy can be suspended only at the request of our client.

Ondek’s Quality Assurance process entails the assessment and review of a worker’s on-the-job performance. Ondek’s proprietary evaluation system operates through consistent coaching and incentive mechanisms to encourage our team members to maintain and improve their contribution.

From experience we’ve found our business relationships gain significant strength when we hold mutual review sessions on a quarterly basis. Each of our clients have their own unique preferences and attributes. And although we have our own process, we want to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page and gaining maximum advantage from our partnership.

When a new employee comes Ondek , the first 90 days are crucial to setting the tone for the position and integrating the new staffer into your workplace culture. Ondek’s 90-day evaluation involves a performance review, typically including a performance evaluation, as well as goal-setting and progress assessment.

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OHC is a nurse-owned and operated organization that has grown organically from a recognized need for greater access to quality healthcare professionals and opportunities.

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