Historically, the healthcare staffing agency (HSA) was developed in the market to help hospitals, medical centers, outpatient treatment centers, rehab and assisted living facilities, and medical offices hire the right employees. With many shortages of qualified personnel in the healthcare industry, the recruiters at Ondek have the expertise to focus every day on talent acquisition. 

Our efforts are essential to filling talent shortages through temporary placements, per diem workers, and direct placements. Some temporary employees also go on to accept permanent positions in a healthcare organization. Take advantage of our HR expertise so you can source highly qualified nurses to care for patients when you need them most.

We’re Facing an Increasing Nursing Shortage in Texas Over the Next Decade

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services Nurse Supply and Demand Projections (2015-2030), the state will have a shortage of 59,970 nurses by the year 2030. This number indicates that 20 percent of the future demand for nurses will not be met. The same report also estimates that, by 2030, 25 percent of the demand for nurse practitioners will not be met, and 17.7 percent of the demand for certified registered nurse anesthetists will not be met. 

The bottom line is that Texas healthcare facilities and medical practices are trying to draw from the same limited pool of candidates graduating from post-secondary institutions across the U.S. With the retirement of baby boomers each year and the reality that they are living longer, the nursing shortage is expected to increase beyond 2030. It’s important for each healthcare organization to partner with an effective recruitment agency to address its nursing staffing needs.

What We Do at Ondek

At Ondek, We are professional recruiters and HR managers who specialize in finding nursing talent. We love helping clients build relationships with good nurses. Let our recruiters staff the following types of nursing positions for your facility or medical practice:

  • Registered nurses
  • Nurse practitioners 
  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Certified nursing assistants
  • Advanced practice nurses
  • Certified registered nurse anesthetists
  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Other positions

How Our Placements Benefit Texas Providers 

healthcare staffing

When you consider the daily responsibilities of a medical provider, they have been trained to treat patients and usually want and need to focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care. Fulfilling a business function like recruitment is beyond the limits of their training or experience. It makes sense to partner with an agency to achieve these benefits:

  • Ondek handles every aspect of recruitment and sets the new hire up for better retention in your organization.
  • We use a standardized process to prescreen every applicant, including checking their background, criminal record, medical certifications and licenses, prior work history, and professional references.
  • We interview candidates first and ask them about their expectations for a targeted job, ensuring they are the right match.
  • We guide applicants toward the right vacancies while still helping them reach their goals for compensation, location, working conditions, etc.
  • We explain every step in the hiring process, answer each applicant’s questions, and facilitate drug screening and fingerprinting.
  • We give each recruit a timeline for starting work and coach him or her on what to expect when joining your practice and settling into a specific role.
  • We offer flexible arrangements that will augment your current staffing levels throughout the year based on changing needs.
  • We take the time to write each job posting to fit the needs of your company.
  • We analyze the key qualifications and skills that are needed and list the essential job duties for the position.
  • We update job postings as your organization changes.
  • We survey the job satisfaction of all nurses that we place.
  • We conduct post-employment interviews with our placements to understand how we can find candidates with a better fit for your company in the future. 

How Our Placements Benefit Texas Healthcare Facilities 

Today’s healthcare facilities are facing rising costs each year. They must find ways to deliver services according to industry standards and patient expectations while managing resources with greater precision. If the recruitment function is outsourced, then a medical facility can focus on other aspects of operations management. 

Imagine that every nurse and CNA is moving through a hiring journey, and Ondek has powerful tools at our disposal to create a steady pipeline of candidates for your organization. When you partner with Ondek, your organization will obtain these multiple benefits of our recruitment function:  

  • We consult with your HR director on your facility’s changing staffing needs in every department and type of nursing position throughout the year.
  • We ensure that your job posting is aligned to your present needs.
  • We broaden the candidate search to a wider area instead of limiting your choices to local candidates. 
  • We require all candidates to complete multiple assessments and questionnaires and filter out the under-qualified candidates. This ensures that no candidate can take a shortcut to getting hired in your facility.
  • We build a comprehensive record of each nursing candidate’s work history and background, which gives you more information than what they would indicate on a resume or application.
  • We provide the hiring manager with a list of top candidates for each position, and each recommended individual comes with a balanced snapshot of qualifications.
  • Our recruitment efforts on multiple online job boards and mobile apps help your organization select from a more diverse pool of candidates. 
  • You can look through choices and select the person who is the best fit for the job.
  • You can come back to us and ask for different candidates to fill a position if you don’t like the first round of recommendations.
  • You can recommend the candidates that worked very well for your organization to work in other organizations.
  • In most cases, you have the option to hire our placements as full-time employees (FTEs), which saves time and money that would otherwise be spent conducting another job search. 
  • We help you recruit from other parts of the country so you can attract the best graduates from the nation’s nursing programs.

Before you conduct a search process for a vacancy in your facility, we encourage you to contact us and learn more about comprehensive hiring and retention the Ondek way. We handle the details so your organization can focus on its core competencies!