Temporary to permanent hiring (temp to perm) refers to a job that begins as a temporary position but has the potential to become a permanent job.

There are many reasons that an open position is temporary. Several industries hire temporary employees during holiday seasons or busy periods throughout the year. Additionally, some companies hire temporary workers with the intent of considering the employee for a full-time position when a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Temporary to Permanent Hiring Provides Benefits for Companies and Employees

Temp-to-perm positions offer a variety of benefits for both workers and facilities. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits:

Benefits for Companies

Healthcare facilities face a variety of complications to fill empty positions. A staffing company can help shift this burden by matching qualified nurses with companies that need them. Using a staffing company also means your organization saves a ton of time. The agency will take care of hiring processes like interviews and evaluations. While resumes and personal interviews are a great way to reveal information about a potential employee, facility-to-employee match is better divulged through on-the-job experience.

Even when a temporary position doesn’t lead to a permanent job, facilities and providers gain these benefits from temporary to permanent hiring solutions.

  • Quick Placement: Leaving a healthcare position empty for any period of time puts undue stress on both patients and employees. Still, it’s common for a permanent hire to require a period of time to leave the previous job. Temporary workers are typically available immediately.
  • Reduced Costs: Avoiding the costs of full-time benefits like paid sick and vacation time and medical/dental benefits can add up. If a new employee doesn’t stay with the facility, these costs are simply lost. When a temporary worker transitions to a full-time position, the benefits can easily be added.
  • Accurate Compatibility: Each type of healthcare facility is different and making a connection is especially important in this industry. Temp-to-perm hiring provides a trial period to see how well the new employee fits into the role and environment.
  • No Obligation: Wrongful termination lawsuits can cost millions of dollars even if the facility “wins.” Temporary to permanent positions allow facilities to terminate positions without worrying about potential consequences.
  • Easy Scaling Transitions: Seasonal positions or positions that become available during busy periods in any industry can become a permanent position during a period of growth. Beginning as a temporary position allows healthcare facilities to take in new nurses when they need them.

Ondek handles all personal and administrative duties for participating companies. This includes 4-tier background checks, drug screens, and fingerprints upon hiring. Additional benefits include W-2 form issuance, certificate of insurance as needed, DOL prevailing wage, and in-person pop-up evaluations for long term contracts.

Benefits for Employees

For an employee seeking job security, accepting a temporary position might seem counterintuitive. This isn’t necessarily true. There are many facets to working in the healthcare industry, and employees can gain advantages from temporary to permanent employment.

  • Speedy Hiring: It can take several weeks or even months to go through the hiring process for a permanent fit. A temporary position puts less pressure on the hiring process and allows new workers to get into facilities more quickly.
  • Different Opportunities: Many nurses carry the same title and essentially perform the same tasks, but healthcare facilities vary dramatically. When a new employee tries out a temporary position, they can work through a series of trials to determine the position best-suited to their personality.
  • No Obligation: Of course employees don’t mind being obligated to continue their dream job, but what if the dream job turns out to be a bad fit? Temporary positions allow employees to move on without tarnishing their employment history.
  • Paid Training: Taking a temporary position pays off big when the position is well-suited and transitions into a permanent situation. When the trial period is up, the candidate is already well-prepared for the job.
  • Experience: Experience is an important factor when an employee is seeking another position. Even if a temporary position doesn’t become permanent, this worker has a few months of experience to put on the next application.

Ondek Healthcare takes these benefits one step further for employees working an average of 30 hours or more per week. Ondek employees enjoy weekly pay with the convenience of direct deposits and online timesheets. Per diem payments are also available.

Unlike most temporary positions, Ondek employees also get benefits usually reserved for full-time employees including medical, dental, vision, 401k, and supplemental.

How Ondek Uses Temp to Perm Hiring to Help Your Healthcare Facility

temp to perm hospital staffing

Ondek Healthcare is a unique healthcare staffing agency that unites dedicated nurses with facilities that need them. Our temporary to permanent hiring program is one of our many successful staffing solutions. The Ondek team is composed of nurses who understand the unique demands of working in the healthcare industry.

Utilizing a staffing agency takes the burden of the hiring process off of your already busy facility. Using the temp-to-perm hiring process provides an extra layer of protection to ensure you have the right new employees to fill available positions. We ensure the highest level of reliability with a unique program designed especially for the healthcare industry.

  • License/Certificate Verification: Our system ensures that all licenses and certificates are active and up-to-date, leaving you with less paperwork.
  • Quality Assurance: Our quality assurance process includes assessments and on-the-job performance reviews. The system uses coaching and incentives to help improve performance.
  • Personal Interviews: We require all candidates to come to the office for a personal interview before placement.
  • Knowledge Testing: All healthcare professionals are required to perform functional competence and aptitude tests as part of the screening process.
  • Professional Reference Check: Reference information is required and positive reference calls are a requirement for being considered for employment through our agency.
  • Evaluations: The first 90 days are crucial for integrating a new staff member to your workplace culture. Our 90-day review includes a performance evaluation along with goal setting and progress assessments.

Finding a staff member that fits seamlessly into the workplace culture is essential in any healthcare facility. The flexibility of a temporary to permanent arrangement can help ensure the right fit. If you’re seeking nurses for your Texas healthcare facility, Ondek can help. Get in touch today to learn about temporary to permanent employees or to schedule a consultation.